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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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5 - 7 hours

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Unveiling the Splendors of a Bygone Era of Dutch Golden Age Tour

Step into the enchanting world of the Dutch Golden Age Tour, where history comes alive amidst a tapestry of captivating landscapes and architectural marvels. Brace yourself for an extraordinary adventure that will transport you to a bygone era, where the echoes of cultural richness and artistic prowess still resonate. With Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Edam, and an Amsterdam canal cruise awaiting your exploration, prepare to be captivated by the myriad treasures that lie in wait.

Zaanse Schans: A Glimpse into the Past

As you venture into the idyllic realm of Zaanse Schans, prepare to be enthralled by a living museum that offers an immersive experience like no other. Here, the windmills stand tall, their majestic sails gracefully turning with the breeze, as if whispering tales of an industrious past. the Dutch Golden Age Tour you wander along cobbled paths, where traditional crafts come to life before your eyes. Watch skilled artisans deftly shape wooden clogs, their rhythmic hammering echoing through time. Engage in the age-old craft of cheese-making, as creamy delights tantalize your taste buds. Marvel at the historic houses, frozen in time, revealing glimpses of Dutch life from centuries past. And as the gentle Zaan River flows serenely, soak in the ambiance that once fueled the region’s industrial prowess.

Volendam: A Charming Fishing Village

Nestled on the shores of the glistening Markermeer with the Dutch Golden Age Tour, Volendam beckons with its timeless allure. Embark on a journey through this picturesque fishing village, where traditional Dutch customs and a vibrant maritime heritage converge. Lose yourself in its narrow streets, where the echoes of fishermen’s tales seem to linger. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, as locals adorned in colorful traditional costumes preserve the customs of yesteryear. Explore Volendam Harbor, where fishing boats bob gently on the water, a testament to the village’s enduring connection to the sea. And as the aroma of freshly smoked eel wafts through the air, indulge in the culinary treasures that make Volendam a gastronomic delight.

Edam: A Taste of Dutch History

A short journey brings you to the charming town of Edam, where time seems to have stood still. Renowned for its world-famous cheese, this historic gem is a feast for the senses. Stroll through streets lined with canal-side houses, their facades boasting architectural elegance and a story to tell. Immerse yourself in the traditions of cheese-making as you witness the bustling cheese markets, a spectacle that dates back centuries. Discover the secret of Edam cheese on the Dutch Golden Age Tour, it’s creamy texture and distinct flavor captivating your palate. And be sure to visit the leaning Carillon Tower, an iconic landmark that stands as a testament to the town’s rich history.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise: Discover the City’s Heart

Prepare to embark on a voyage of discovery as you board an Amsterdam canal cruise, navigating the intricate web of canals that form the beating heart of this vibrant city. Drift along the serene waters, where centuries of history unfold before your eyes. Admire the grandeur of the Anne Frank House, a poignant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. Behold the majestic Rijksmuseum, a treasure trove of art and culture with the Dutch Golden Age Tour. Allow the scenic canal cruise to offer glimpses into the daily life of the Dutch, as cyclists whiz past picturesque bridges and charming houseboats dot the waterways. This immersive experience is a window into the soul of Amsterdam.

The Dutch Golden Age Tour is a sensory journey through time, where the past merges seamlessly with the present. Immerse yourself in the cultural riches of Zaanse Schans, wander the quaint streets of Volendam, savor the flavors of Edam, and glide through Amsterdam’s historic canals. With each destination revealing its own unique charm, this tour promises to leave an indelible mark on your soul. Book your adventure now and embark on a voyage of perplexing beauty and bursting inspiration.


  • Experience the best of Dutch culture in one journey
  • Visit the picturesque village of Zaanse Schans and witness traditional wooden shoemaking
  • Indulge in Dutch cheesemaking and cheese tasting
  • Savor fresh seafood in the charming fishing village of Volendam
  • Take a photo in the local costume to capture memories forever
  • Relax on the Amsterdam Canal Cruise and admire the city's stunning architecture and iconic landmarks
  • Professional tour guides ensure an enjoyable and hassle-free experience
  • Unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Day trip from Amsterdam
  • Live demonstration
  • Food tasting
  • Professional local driver/guide
  • Transportation by car / minivan / coach
  • Amsterdam canal cruise tickets
  • Food and drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Entry to a windmill at the Zaanse Schans
  • Gratuities
  • Anything else that is not mentioned on "Tour Included"


Your first stop will be in a small, typically built-up village from the 17th century, complete with dwellings and a number of exquisitely maintained windmills from the nation's industrial history. Here, you will witness traditional wooden shoemaking, a craft that has been a part of Dutch culture for centuries. You will also get to indulge in Dutch cheesemaking and cheese tasting, where you can sample some of the finest cheeses in the world.

Continue traveling toward Volendam, a charming fishing village that is famous for its fresh seafood. Here, you will have the opportunity to savor some of the best seafood dishes in the region.  You will be taken on a brief tour of the old Volendam harbor by your tour guide, which has been a well-liked tourist attraction in the area since 1875. This is an excellent spot to buy gifts and souvenirs for family and friends back home. You can also go to one of the numerous photo studios in the town to have photographs shot while wearing traditional Dutch costumes.

The tour concludes with a relaxing Amsterdam Canal Cruise, where you can sit back and take in the breathtaking views of the city's stunning architecture and iconic landmarks. This tour is the perfect way to experience the best of Dutch culture and create unforgettable memories.


5 - 7 hours



Frequently asked questions

- This tour is Not suitable for people with mobility impairments, Wheelchair users. - This tour will take place rain or shine. - Please wear comfortable shoes. - Don't forget to bring your camera. - Pets are not allowed. - This tour involves a fair amount of walking. - Times are subject to alteration based on traffic conditions in the area. - Children under 24 months old are admitted free of charge (if they do not occupy a seat).

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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